Yelp Review

Written By Wanda B. 's, Original Article can be Found here

We've been going to Coffee & Scream since January 2005...and the rules have changed quite a bit over the years...all for the safety of the patrons of course...but we kind of feel like we've been with them almost since the beginning :).

Sonja and Perry (the owners) are just lovely and 2 of the nicest people you will ever meet.  We've been to the Coffee & Scream Halloween parties during the earlier years, my son has had his birthday party there and many a coffee/playdates have been enjoyed in his place.  Sonja & Perry have always been pleasant to deal with.

The food is scrumptious and the ice cream super yummy.  Now adays and since my lil girl is no longer allowed on the apparatus (to old) we tend to stop in more so for the treats, coffees or super delicious and large ice creams.....although my boy is still enjoying dropping in for some screaming once in awhile ;)

The only gripe I've ever had is not with the place directly but with the parents who think this is a place to drop your kids, have coffee with a friend and forget about your kids while they run amuck despite the rules to supervise your kids at all times while there.   Unfortunately this doesn't just happen happens at other place as well. Thankfully coffee & scream enforces the rules quite well.

Great place, great food, great service.